Pullen Air Conditioning: A New Orleans tradition

Everyone who takes a slice of King Cake at their downtown New Orleans office knows they’re picking up the next cake if they find the pink, plastic baby.

Find true comfort during fluctuating weather

You know the drill. Monday you wake up to a chilly 40° F morning and shiver over a cup of coffee as you think about the cold drive to work. By noon, it’s practically 70° F, and you can’t peel off the layers fast enough.

Trane's energy efficient furnace for a new year of savings!

We get excited about new years because they provide us with a clean slate. On January 1st, we can abandon harmful habits and adopt practices that improve the quality of our lives, the lives of our loved ones, and sometimes even the world.

A New Year's resolution that saves money and energy

It’s a new year, which means many of us are making resolutions to improve our lives in the months ahead. Some resolutions are difficult to maintain: finding time to exercise and finding the willpower to turn down that slice of triple layer banana cream pie come to mind.

Air filtration: the gift of good health!

One of the joys of cold weather is bundling up with blankets, a book, and a cup of hot chocolate and shutting out the troubles of the world. Unfortunately, some of the troubles of the world are already in your home.

Programming your thermostat for winter savings

Sure. Programmable thermostats are cool just by virtue of being super-high-tech-house-of-tomorrow-stuff-that-dreams-are-made-of technology. We get it.

Entergy rebates for New Orleans homeowners who invest in energy efficiency

Making your home more energy efficient through an ENERGY STAR rated heating and cooling systems isn’t just better for the environment though it does reduce your carbon footprint significantly. It’s also better for your wallet.

It's time to take a Trane!

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to upgrade your HVAC system, that time has come!

Are you ready for an energy efficient furnace?

While a good bulk of our utility costs each year go to air conditioning during the long, humid days of summer in Louisiana, we’re not off the hook in the winter. Cold days lie ahead of us, and heating can melt away your finances before you know it if you’re not careful.

How much is your furnace costing you?

Ever wonder how much that noisy old furnace is costing you? Check out this infographic to figure it out!