Five people who really appreciate their AC

It’s Air Conditioner Appreciation Month, and no one appreciates air conditioners more than New Orleans homeowners. But these guys come pretty close.

The $300k window unit: how air conditioning caught on

We’re continuing our tribute to the home air conditioner, that hard-working appliance that is often taken for granted. At least until something goes wrong.

Inventions and intrigue: the early years of air conditioning

August marks the end of Air Conditioner Appreciation Days, and few people rely more on these humble home appliances than the homeowners of New Orleans.

How can I prepare for hurricane season?

Once again, hurricane season is upon us. Though most meteorologists are predicting a mild year, it always pays to be prepared.

Why does my home feel humid?

Ask a native of Louisiana, “Why’s my house so humid?” You’ll probably get a raised eyebrow and a look that says, “Are you serious with that question?”

Should I get my air conditioner serviced if it works?

While some may argue if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, that conventional wisdom does have some limitations. Often, in particular when it comes to technology and more sophisticated appliances, the average person doesn’t recognize problems in their early stages. By the time the problem manifests itself in ways that the lay person would perceive it, the cost of repair may be prohibitive. That’s why we recommend having your HVAC unit serviced annually.  

It's not too early to have your automated home of the future!

The moment we moved out of the caves and into carefully constructed homes, humans have imagined ways to automate them. As early as the first century AD, Heron of Alexandria was experimenting with an engine that could automatically open and close doors. Though doing laundry is still tedious, imagine what it would be like without an automated washing machine, which didn’t make its appearance until 1908.

Get a rebate on an energy efficient air conditioner!

If you’re looking for an energy efficient air conditioner that can actually improve your indoor air quality, you’re in luck. From April 1 through June 15, 2015, Trane is offering a special promotion on certain systems. Rebates can go as high as $1,150.00 for XV20 system plus Clean Effects. Homeowners looking to upgrade their heating and cooling system can either get the rebates OR the 0% / 36-month interest financing.

Making energy wise choices starts here!

Earth Day serves as a reminder that we could still do better when it comes to our carbon footprint. With historic droughts in California and receding coast lines in Florida, most environmentally conscious Americans recognize the need to make more energy-wise choices. While large-scale changes may be the domain of government agencies like the EPA, the impact of individual households shouldn’t be underestimated.